2 Risky Online MoneyMakers

The Monetizer has given you his recommended moneymakers and reviews of new moneymakers that have come along. Well now it's time for some other (risky) moneymakers you may want to consider. Proceed with caution, because these may be fun, they may be addictive, and they just may destroy your bank account. But it's quite possible you could profit big time as well...

(Disclaimer: Monetizer is not being paid to write about these sites or moneymaking ideas, does not advocate them and advises you to proceed with extreme caution).

Online Sports Betting

Bodog Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting - The Monetizer will be the last one to advocate betting, but if you're a risk taker and consider it fun, why not? I learned a while back that it can be quite a thrill, but when you have to pay rent or mortgage, last thing you want to do is be betting :) Usually those who are very well off find the most fun in this, but we all know it can be problematic. However, this is an example of another way to possibly make money online, albeit risky in nature.

With Bodog you can bet on sports outcomes from just about any sport you can imagine (even Cricket). The Monetizer enjoys sports, especially basketball, and found it interesting that on Bodog you can bet on things like "Will Steve Nash lead the Phoenix Suns in points and assists in his next game?". And not only can you make sports bets there, you can play poker online, bet on horses and even bet on things like "Who will win Amazing Race or America's Next Top Model" (interesting because these aren't really live outcomes on TV like pro sports). I haven't fully investigated the rules on US Sports Betting, but if Shoemoney is betting on UFC, it can't be illegal (Note: Wikpedia claims online sports betting is ambiguous, and states: online bookmakers generally operate outside of the U.S. Some online bookmakers do not accept wagers from the U.S. due to these unresolved legal questions). Sports betting is yet another online moneymaker, but due to its ambiguity as well as the potential to destroy finances and lives, proceed with caution.

Online Poker Rooms


Online Poker Rooms - Monetizer's been to the casinos plenty of times, in various states, but never picked up the popular game of poker. I was more of a roulette guy, which involves no skill, just pure luck. I also was good with Blackjack slots and made a bit of extra money, and Bingo because I was more awake than the other players. But these days we see poker has become what some say is a legitimate sport, and you can make big bucks playing it. There's many variations of the game from five card draw to five card stud to the very popular Texas Hold Em'. If you have the guts and want some glory (and know the rules and strategies) this can quite possibly be a lucrative way to make money online. Additionally, it seems various sites, such as Full Tilt's site, offer a referral program where you earn up to $100 for a friend joining.

Just like sports betting, be careful here. Online poker has been controversial in terms of making money online. See the article here debating its legality. Gambling can become a serious problem, as you begin betting more and more, eventually finding yourself in a deep hole. But if you know what you're doing it's a possible moneymaking option. You can learn more on the Poker Wikipedia page.

So you may want to throw caution into the wind and start making sports bets online. Or put on your best poker face and head to the online rooms to win some cash. While both of these are risky due to gambling addictions or legal debates, it's usually the big risks that offer the big rewards. Again, I don't advocate betting online, because I prefer stable and established moneymakers, such as The Monetizer's Recommended MoneyMakers.

And if you have experience, good or bad with either of the above moneymakers, drop a comment...


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