Holiday MoneyMaking Ideas for your Blog

The Monetizer previously mentioned how to make money with Amazon Associates, the program where you can earn commission on Amazon products purchased by viewers of your site. Basically you provide a link or picture or widget involving Amazon products on your site and a reader or visitor may click over to it. If the reader buys that product or any other product on Amazon (after arriving there through your link), you receive a percentage referal fee. I've noticed some increases in sales through other blogs I author thanks to the holiday season. It's a pretty sweet deal (sign up for Amazon Associates here).

So now that the holidays are much upon us, you should consider adding more of these Amazon links into current posts. Don't do it too forcefully as many readers don't want that much "in your face" selling. But there is one idea you may consider using, and that is a blog entry listing off your Holiday gift ideas. You could even make this a series of posts, such as "Top 10 Christmas Albums" or "My 10 Favorite Gift Ideas". From there you add in the appropriate Amazon links for each of your items in list-like fashion and include your own personal commentary or review of each. It can work quite effectively, and even if a reader does not purchase one of your suggested items they just might stick around Amazon and do some other holiday shopping. These posts also work well as you may be able to use them next holiday season and so forth. People may even stumble upon the posts from internet searches done all year long as well. You may even consider calling the post "Gift Ideas for the Pet Lover" - if you author a pet blog, or "10 Great Presents for a NFL Fan". That way it becomes more useful year round.

You can also tweak other current monetizers you may be running on your site. For example, AuctionAds allows you to insert keywords that are comma-seperated when you set up the ad codes. Depending on your blog theme, consider items or types of items that may find their ways onto holiday wishlists (that relate to your content). Sometimes a little extra effort can bring in that extra revenue, especially this time of year when pocketbooks tend to open a bit more.

These are just a few very simple ideas on how to increase possible holiday revenue from your blog. With just 2 weeks until Christmas, here's 3 other articles from the blogosphere which discuss how to monetize or update your blog for the holidays.

Make Money With Christmas and Holiday Offers by Zac Johnson

Getting Your Blog Ready for Christmas by Problogger

What Your Website Wants for Christmas by Darin.CC


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