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Hello friends, it's the Monetizer here with a Public Service Announcement about EntreCard. I previously discussed what Entrecard is all about, and ways to advertise with Entrecard. I have seen recent discussions about people being rejected at EntreCard when trying to advertise on certain blogs. It might be just like being in high school, where you have the new kid at school (new money making blog) and then the popular crowd, like John Chow, Problogger et al. And you have the various "cliques" and those who will like your blog or not.

You have to take it with a grain of salt when you're trying to make your way in the blogosphere. Realize that some of these guys got big through hard work and they can't accept every ad coming their way. A lot of them are extremely busy and the ads most likely pile up. Many of them have learned the ways of the net and charge real $ to advertise with them. You also have to realize some blogs are very picky and specific as to the types of ads and even styles of logos they want on their site. Does it mean they hate you? Not necessarily. Does it mean they are trying to screw you out of money or business? I doubt that highly.

When Monetizer first signed up at EntreCard, it was still early. There were maybe 20-30 Make Money Online blogs in the mix. I had an immediate 10 requests for ads, mainly because they realized the rock bottom purchase price of 2 credits. I accepted all of them because I know some people realize a good opportunity and pounce on it. Today there are over 80 blogs in the Make Money category and it's still growing. Competitive? Most definitely. It's hard to guess at the reasons for rejection but....

Here's 5 Reasons You Might Get Rejected on EntreCard ad:

1) The site publisher/owner doesn't like how your card looks with their design. For example they have a pink and black design. I can understand why Monetizer as cute a character as he is doesn't mesh with that.

2) The site publisher/owner wanted to wait til their blog was worth more credits to advertise on (capitalism at its finest).

3) They accidentally clicked "Reject". Hey it happens.

4) They seriously didn't like the tone of your blog, what you had to say or it's design.

5) They don't like bloggers who try to monetize their blogs. That's always been a point of contention in the blogosphere. So if you're in that niche, consider that as well.

Quite honestly a few of those reasons are high-schoolish, but hey it's the real world right? We get rejected all the time for things, but sometimes you have to overcome that and be great in spite of it.

I've been rejected by 4 or 5 blogs and I don't even remember who they are. I'm fine with it and believe that either they didn't like the colors of my logo for their blog site, or they wanted to drive up credits to advertise on their blog, rather than just allowing the early birds to get the proverbial worm ;) My previous advice on advertising mainly suggested trying to find good bargain blogs to advertise on, and I'd like to toss in an additional suggestion. Advertise on the smaller, newer blogs at 2-10 credits, even if they don't have impressive ranks. With this you might gain a new reader and a new networking opportunity, and you want all of them you can find in blogging.

Feel free to advertise on Monetizer 's EntreCard widget as well. All members of the blogosphere are welcome here..


The Empress said...

Hehe... the article pretty much hit it dead on for me. It's like being in highschool all over again :) Honestly - I was a bit surprised by the rejections, but like you I don't remember who they were anyway. I figure - their loss! haha.

kirbitz said...

Hi there monetizer!

Great blog you got here. Youre adsense seems pretty much right on the money. How much are you making with it?

My teen money making blog (http://kirbitz.blogspot.com) can have a thing or two from your blog.

Can we exchange links?

The Monetizer said...

Definitely Empress, because you know the ones that reject us now would be the same ones wanting to advertise later on..

Kirbitz, thanks for the offer.. I'll drop by your page and let you know :)

Menopauseprincess said...

Hey Monetizer,

There might be another reason; I signed up for Entrecard two days ago. The first day I had 40 ad requests and didn't know what the heck to do with them. Trying to visit them all was overwhelming so I began rejecting them all. BTW my blog is in the Personal Diary section!

Of course now I regret that because I doubt I'll get those offers again. Oh well live and learn. You are correct that the rejection should be taken with a grain (or pound) of salt!

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