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Finances tend to be one of the biggest problems for many individuals and families these days. Everything from insurance worries to credit card problems which impact your ability to get loans. The recent housing foreclosures situation is further evidence of the financial woes many people face. Rather than struggle with figuring out what to do yourself, why not let a genius handle things? The site FinanceGenius.com offers comprehensive resources for everything from an Auto Warranty to a Mortgage to dealing with debts and credit. It has a very easy interface and many great tips on saving money, getting spending under control and identity protection.

The Monetizer took a look at one of the site's tools, a Credit Card Minimum Payment calculator. You enter your credit card's total balance, the annual interest rate and a few other stats. The calculator tells you the estimated time it will take you to pay off the balance, should you just pay the minimum each month. Not only that, it provides the shock value of how much valuable money you're losing that could be invested instead!

In conjunction with the above tool there's also several great articles and advice about credit. These include credit score basics, credit score influences, and how to establish or improve your credit. In addition to the credit section, there are also sections dealing with auto loans, insurance, student loans and mortgages. The student loan and mortgage sections provide options for handling these difficult financial situations. The site also offers a brief article with tips on what to do in the event of identity theft, a problem which is rapidly increasing these days!

If you're in need of some financial advice or tips, The Monetizer recommends checking out Finance Genius. They also offer products such as loan services and credit card deals in addition to all the tips, advice and suggestions on the site. Rather than suffer the financial worry and confusion, gain some knowledge and become a master of your financial health. According to the site's tagline, "You don't have to be a "Genius" to manage your finances like one!"


Crystal said...

Hey I just came across your blog and I want to say that its pretty good. I see a lot of useful information here that I don't see on many make-money-online blogs.

The Monetizer said...

Thanks crystal, much appreciated :)

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