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Nintedo Wii system
The Monetizer has heard great things about the Nintendo Wii. First and foremost, it's the cheapest priced video gaming system amongst the big 3 (PS3 and Xbox 360 are steep). Second off, they offer family-friendly games and hours of fun. There's even been news of some senior centers using these items to have bowling tournaments, which is a great use of the technology. There's no actual bowling balls involved, just the Wii Remote Controller. There's also no stats on how many controllers have been thrown at flat screen TV's, but the Wii is definitely a video gaming novelty with its special motion controller. It also seems stores can't keep these hot items in stock. Targets and Wal Marts have lines of hungry customers looking to snatch up the video game system for themselves, or as gifts for their loved ones. Luckily, the blogosphere has made it easier, and free to get your hands on one!

A great site called Contest Beat is giving a Wii away to anyone who participates in their latest contest. Cellforcash.com is sponsoring the giveaway and their site can help you sell your cell phone. To enter this contest, you will need to write up a blog entry to let others know about this great Wii prize giveaway. There's several other ways to get entries such as subscribing to their feed. Check out the full details about the Wii contest at Contest Beat.

(Note: this prize will replace my recently sold original X-Box as The Monetizer's official video game system).

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