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I hate posting redundant info, but these things will help you with getting more traffic to your blog from search engines. The Monetizer's been busy lately working on other blogs and making posts that get picked up in search results. This blog here unfortunately takes a backburner to other projects since it's the newest of the bunch. However, I want to re-emphasize that the following techniques WILL work to get you into the top of Search engine results. These are all things I've been doing more of lately, and it's paying off.

1) Use Free Keywords Tracker - You may need to spend some time there, but try to find popular searches related to your blog topic. If there are any that get searched for thousands of times a day, try doing a real Google search on them. If you see there is only 500,000 or less results (300k or under is even better!) then you should probably target those keywords or phrases. You'll want to write a blog post using that Keyword in your title, as well as within the entry itself. This will give you a new page on your blog to bring some search engine traffic.

2) Write an article, or two - Write up a 350-500 word article which relates to the keyword or phrase you are targeting. It doesn't even have to be brilliant material. The idea is to publish to article directories which allow HTML in your article. In your author or resource box, link back to your blog and the specific post itself, using your keywords as the anchor text. For example: The Monetizer is the author of a blog about making money online.

I then use Article Submitter to go and submit to 20 plus article directories. Again, I target those that allow HTML in the article, otherwise it doesn't seem worth the trouble because you get no links back. Check out my review of Directory Submitter which has a link for both Directory & Article Submitter, two powerful tools.

3) Use Social bookmarks - I've used socialmarker.com quite a bit now. It has 31 social bookmark sites included and allows you to submit your blog entry to them all much easier. When you first go to Socialmarker, you enter your blog entry title, your URL, description and keywords. You click "Submit" up on the top right of Socialmarker. Then you will go 1 by 1 through sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, reddit and other bookmark sites. You may need to register for those you don't belog to yet. This helps as it will provide backlinks to your blog entry. I scored traffic from a few of these social bookmark sources as well.

4) Use Squidoo - If you have time I recommend you make a Squidoo page that relates to your blog topic in general. You can always add in links to your new blog posts at a later time, and it gives them extra link juice. If you have even more time, create a new Squidoo page just about the Keyword/phrase you are targeting and add in links to the blog post throughout it (using keyword/phrase as anchor text). I will have a post in the future discussing more about Squidoo which is a site I think many scoff at or ignore because it isn't making them money. There's more to it than that, in an indirect way.

5) Place links elsewhere - You should try to link back to your keyword targetted blog post in other entries on your blog. Ask/Answer forums, other blogs that have DOFOLLOW for comments, forums, social media sites. Find places to put your link with anchor text for your keyword. I haven't gone too crazy with this.

The combination of the above things is working well for me, and I believe it can work for you too. They will take time, patience and determination, but they work. It's taken just a few days for several of my blog entries to get into the first 3 pages of results. Some got to page 1, others got to page 2 or 3. If you try using these methods above and are targetting highly searched Keywords with lower results (500,000 or under), you will most likely see the same success. Again, sorry to be redundant with this material, but I think people are missing out on capturing loads of traffic via search engines.

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