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The Monetizer took a look at other blogs I run and made the decision to implement Widgetbucks more onto them. The main reason is these blogs have underperformed with Adsense or generally have low PPC results.

Widgetbucks has these advantages to it:

1) It's another Pay Per Click type monetizer to use for your site/blog.
2) It also offers Pay for impressions, for visitors outside the US to your sites.
3) Many site visitors are visual and the ads will catch their attention.
4) Higher PPC than Adsense for several categories.

I read up on Widgetbucks and have learned that people recommend using the MP3 Players, Laptops, Flat Panel TV's and PDA's for their ads, because these are the higher paying categories for clicks. It's also recommended that you keep your widgets above the fold with the default animation time of 3 seconds. You may also want to use clever Widget titles to encourage people to check out the items. For example "Latest Reviews" or "Hottest MP3 Players". The biggest disadvantage to Widgetbucks is that they don't necessarily blend in with every type of blog, thanks to the white background color. However you can do your own blending and experimenting with the color schemes (borders, etc). Many have suggested embedding the widget right into a blog post which reviews a specific product to draw more attention to what you recommend.

Most sites or blogs cater to a certain type of audience and that audience should be interested in the related products. There's music blogs, entertainment, video games, photography, fashion....the list goes on and on. Outside visitors from search engines may also be interested in the items. The Monetizer recommends that you consider using Widgetbucks more if you're unhappy with your current Adsense earnings. Once you start gaining more search engine traffic, you will be getting more clicks, and more money!

The minimum payout for Widgetbucks is just $50 versus the $100 you have to generate with Adsense. If you haven't already, be sure to
sign up for Widgetbucks

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mutube said...

For users with a number of non-US visitors, I've scripted a quick way to filter these and display alternate ads. It's not foolproof, but it can reduce the number of lower-paying CPM ads you show.

I'm using it to replace CPM ads with referral banners (which may generate more over the long run).

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