The 2008 World's Billionaires

What would you do with 1 million dollars? An even tougher question might be, what would you do with 1 Billion Dollars?!? Forbes magazine has released its latest issue on the billionaires of the world. Topping the list is the investment guru himself, Warren Buffet. Buffet is considered the world's richest man at 62 billion dollars of worth. According to Forbes, Buffet's net worth jumped about 10 billion in the past year. Last year's top billionaire was Microsoft founder, Mr. Bill Gates, who has slipped down to 3rd on the list after 13 years being named "world's richest". The man at number 2 is Carlos Slim HelĂș, a Mexican telecom tycoon who has amazingly doubled his worth to 60 bill in just 2 years.

You may not recognize many Americans on the list below aside from Buffet, Gates and Larry Ellison. According to Forbes' writeup, just two years ago the list of top 20 billionaires was half Americans. Now it includes just 4 Americans in the top 20. Amazingly the number 2 country after the US in terms of total number of billionaires is Russia.

Top 20 Billionaires of the World:

    1 Warren Buffett
    2 Carlos Slim Helu
    3 William Gates III
    4 Lakshmi Mittal
    5 Mukesh Ambani
    6 Anil Ambani
    7 Ingvar Kamprad
    8 KP Singh
    9 Oleg Deripaska
    10 Karl Albrecht
    11 Li Ka-shing
    12 Sheldon Adelson
    13 Bernard Arnault
    14 Lawrence Ellison
    15 Roman Abramovich
    16 Theo Albrecht
    17 Liliane Bettencourt
    18 Alexei Mordashov
    19 Prince Alwaleed
    20 Mikhail Fridman

See the entire list here at Forbes.

Also of interest is the breakdown of "Youngest Billionaires". Forbes states it's a record breaking year for young billionaires, as Forbes found 50 billionaires under the age of 40. 25 of these young rich people are new to the list. 60% of the under 40 billionaires built that worth entirely from scratch!

One of them is 23 year old Mark Zuckerberg, the Harvard student and brains behind Facebook. His site has quickly exploded and received all sorts of buyout offers. He was profiled on Inside Edition Thursday night (which didn't give too much insight into his creative process). Inside Edition did toss it out there that Zuckerberg is single, so females looking to become part of a billionaire lifestyle, add him to your Facebook friends!

But another takeaway point from the young billionaires aspect is the fact that you can make money online with low or no startup funding. Sometimes all it takes is vision, creativity and a great idea put into motion! (via the internet of course)

View Forbe's complete section about Billionaires here. It includes everything from the Youngest Billionaires, Notable Newcomers and Rags to Riches stories.

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