Win a Nintendo Wii or High Speed Internet for Life!

The following entry is a sponsored review. The Nintendo Wii continues to be one of the most sought after video game systems around. From what The Monetizer has heard these things fly out of the stores the minute they arrive on shipment trucks! People love the Wii, and right now Charter.com is giving people a chance to win a Wii!

The prize package will include the Nintendo Wii Console, Wii Stand, 5 Sports games ( Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and bowling), 1 Remote Controller, 1 Nunchuk Controller, 1 Sensor Bar, 1 Wii AC Adapter, 1 Wii AV Cable. Not a bad prize at all, as you'll have quite the gaming setup without spending a dime on games or accessories!

Charter is also holding a pretty cool auction where someone can win Charter High Speed Internet for Life! You read it right, high speed internet service for life! The bidding starts at just $10 in the auction, and there's no reserve price. So it could go for more than $10, less than $25 or who knows! It's always great to have a life's necessity such as monthly hi speed internet paid for, especially for those online money makers! If you happen to live in any area of the United States serviced by Charter, it's definitely worth stopping by for a chance at a Nintendo Wii and also to bid on High Speed internet for life!

Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!


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