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Of all the vacations I've taken so far, one of my favorites was definitely Roma, the historic city of Rome. Surveying the various historic statues, ruins, landmarks and ancient remains makes you feel like you're walking back in time, as a part of ancient history. It's quite impressive, from walking through the large open Colosseum where gladiators competed, seeing the gorgeous Spanish Steps, throwing a coin into Trevi fountain and viewing the beautiful Vatican along with its brilliantly painted ceilings. There was also the Boca de la Verdad or "Mouth of Truth". Most tourists stop by the statue of a face with an open mouth, and get a picture with their hand in the mouth. Legend says if you have one less hand after that it's because you aren't an honest individual.

I'd recommend everyone see Rome and all it has to offer at least once in their lifetime. If you need to plan this sort of trip, I also recommend doing your homework ahead of time. A website which can be quite helpful is Romaclick.com, which offers information on Rome hotels and Rome apartments should you decide to make an extended trip.

Romaclick.com is run by two individuals who know Rome quite well, Mauro and Paolo. As residents of Rome, they are familiar with all it has to offer, and able to give valuable advice regarding travel within Italy. Their website recommends plenty of hotel choices located central to all the major attractions of Rome. The best aspect of the site is that Mauro and Paolo have seen or been at all of the hotels their site recommends, allowing them to personally let you know of the benefits of any Rome accomodation. They give recommendations for areas travelers should consider staying at based on their age or financial ability. Overall, the Romaclick site has a great clean and stylish look to it, displaying an easily navigated menu, searches and advice along with pictures showcasing all Rome has to offer. One additional feature which stood out was how easy they make it to contact them for info. Whether using email, a live chat feature or Skype communication, they are ready to answer any questions or concerns a traveler may have.

I found the Romaclick site to be very comprehensive in what it has to offer travelers; everything from recommended places to stay, help with finding cars/transportation, bed and breakfast spots, tours and more. If I had known of this resource prior to my trip, it definitely would have been consulted for planning purposes. Visit Romaclick.com at http://www.romaclick.com/ for more info, and definitely see Rome if you get the opportunity. Ciao Bella!

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