Ximmy & Minimum Payouts

A newer website the Monetizer has been promoting is called Ximmy.com. With this site you earn $10 per every 1000 points you earn as a member there. Points are earned by commenting (1pt) on submitted URL news or if a URL item you submit earns front page status (15 pts), making it very similar to Digg. Digg doesn't offer up any money to its users though which is why I'd prefer spending time giving Ximmy comments. Some people may say "who cares about $10?" but money for website participation is always nice.

Another aspect of Ximmy is if you become an affiliate of their site, you earn 50 cents per member you refer to join. Ximmy states that you'll receive payout once you've earned $25, and they start you with $5 for being an affiliate. Be forewarned with this, you will need to earn $25 in referrals "in addition" to the $5 you start with. So basically, refer 50 members, you'll be payed $30 the 1st of the following month.

Keep this in mind with most of the online earning programs. They may give an initial reward, like Widgetbucks or Shopping Ads both do, but then you will need to earn the minimum threshold amount "in addition" to what you start with. Either way, free money is free money!

If interested, check out the Ximmy site here.

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