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I've written a few entries about the Survey & Get-Paid-to site called Cash Crate here. Since joining, I've received 5 checks from Kingside Media, but that was way back when I was actually filling out their surveys. Recently, I've seen money come in from the site without even logging into it (other than to check stats). That's what makes it a great site to belong to, because it keeps on paying, whether you're active on it or not. All you need is referrals.

The beauty of Cash Crate is their referral system. You start out by earning % commission on any of your referrals' earnings. Once you've referred 50 members to the site, you begin to receive a 25% commission for anything any of those active referrals does (surveys, offers, etc). So let's say 1 member earns their $10 to get paid. That means you've earned $2.50 and are 1/4 of the way towards another easy check for the month. The more active members you have referred the better...If at least 4 people are earning $10 a month, you've earned a check, and without ever touching a survey or offer. (4 people x $2.50 commission for you)

In addition, for every member you refer after your 50th sign-up to Cash Crate (referred members 51, 52, 54 etc.), you'll earn 10% of their earnings. This is the second tier for commissions.

Even better, when any of the members you refer hit their first $10 at Cash Crate, you'll receive a $3 bonus. So if a first timer gets $10, you're making $5.50 off them. And now you're over halfway to your payout.

Cash Crate is a very simple to use site, and the checks come anywhere from the middle towards the end of the following month. I still haven't heard of anyone becoming a millionaire with Yuwie, and know that people are constantly trying to promote that social site. It may even work out for some people, but as of right now Cash Crate is working for the Monetizer. With Cash Crate you can refer enough participating members and sit back to let the money roll right in. Eventually it could become like an extra dividend check every month coming to you from the folks at Kingside Media.

Join CashCrate here and get started on your earning spree! You'll also be able to participate in their April contest where they are giving away a Nintendo Wii and cash prizes.

If any part of this seems confusing, or if you have tips, advice, or concerns about Cash Crate feel free to comment below...


Gerri said...

I signed up to them a whild ago and to tell you the truth, they have done nothing for me.

worst_nightmare said...

i have just received my first check but i dont know how to claim the money from that check..what should i do??

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