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So what's the true way to make a lot of money online? Some may say it comes through networking and being extra friendly. A 19 year old internet entrepreneur from Canada has created a new website/blog called The Social Millionaire. Pat Harkinson is the lad and he is attempting to do the ordinary online feat of generating 1 million dollars. He will then take that money to invest into other new internet projects. So how does he plan to raise the money?

Pat's Social Millionaire site sells keyword links to the highest bidder. The bid starts at $5 for any keyword. If another bidder bids higher than you, they will appear on Pat's site for the keyword. These keywords are seen by any visitor at the Social Millionaire homepage.

Pat also has set up several social media networks, where you can be social with him. Included on the list are:

    Blog Catalog

Definitely some of the biggest names in online social media & blogging networks. According to Pat's site stats as of this entry he has raised $2,759.48 via keyword sales, and has befriended 384 people amongst his social networks.

It's an interesting concept and experiment. Pat's not the first to go for a million using a website, keywords, links and/or advertising. Another example was the Million Dollar Wiki or the site way back when that simply sold screen pixels as advertising space. Each of those generated enough buzz to put a nice profit in their creator's pockets. The best part of Pat's plan is the "being friendly" part. When I first started blogging, it was a creative Myspace profile which now has over 15,000 friends that was bringing me traffic for interesting blog posts I did. The power of Myspace bulletins posted for friends interested in your subject matter shouldn't be underestimated! With Pat harnessing the power of Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, et al, he's most likely going to reach his goal at some point, using clever strategies. He's already had interviews and site reviews on John Chow, John Cow, and MomsCashBlog.

Pat keeps a regularly updated Social Millionaire blog where he talks about everything from making donations to charity, generating free traffic and Rhinoseptoplasty. The Social Millionaire is also a member of Entrecard.

The Monetizer extends best wishes to Pat on his goal! Even if he misses the mark, he will still have the benefit of many friends and valuable connections...

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