Win Xbox 360 Elite + GTA4 from John Cow!

win xbox360 elite from john cow The Monetizer just had to get in on this cool contest run by John Cow and sponsored by Top Hosting Center. Up for grabs in this one is the much-coveted video gaming system, the Xbox 360 Elite. And to make it even sweeter you'll also win one of the coolest new games dropping at the end of April, Grand Theft Auto IV. If you're familiar with the series, the game involves stealing cars, running pedestrians over, eluding the police and doing bad things to win strategic missions. You know, all the stuff you would only do in a video game! :)

In case you're wondering what's different about an Xbox 360 Elite, one major difference is the black color (as seen in the picture), just like the original Xbox. Technically speaking, it includes HDMI Port, HDMI cable, black wireless controller and a black Xbox life headset. In terms of technical features, it has 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio for DVD's and games, anti-aliasing for smooth textures, full surround sound. and 3 powerful core processors!

To win this contest you need to earn raffle tickets, which can be done several ways. The first way is write up a post about the contest (like this one) of at least 100 words. Make sure that post links back to both John Cow's Xbox 360 Elite contest post, and the contest sponsor Top Hosting Center. This gets you 250 tickets entered into the drawing.

Another way to earn 250 raffle tickets is to become an affiliate with Top Hosting Center. It's free to be part of their program, and they offer you a whopping 50% commission for any sales you refer. As Cow says referring several people to THC could easily pay for the prize in the contest, if you don't win.

There's several ways you can earn 25 raffle tickets as well such as subscribing to Cow and/or THC's feeds, or by telling all your Myspace/Facebook/Twitter friends about the coolest contest around!

Get more details on the contest to win a Xbox 360 Elite and GTA 4 at John Cow's blog today. Remember you have until the end of this month to enter, giving you just a few more days.

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