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In the past month I purchased three new domains and set up Wordpress blogs on them, in the hopes of generating even more online income. Recently, I began to focus on just one of the sites in particular, as well as The Monetizer blog, in a linkbuilding frenzy. Day by day I've used the 3 methods below and suggest if you're serious about your linkbuilding campaign you look into them as well (if you're not using them already).

1) Grizz Niche Support Page - This is one great resource created by Grizzly, author of Make Money Online with Grizzly and Make Money Online for Beginners. On this page you'll find a list of bloggers from new to veteran, looking for link exchanges. Each blogger lists out their various sites and you can add yourself to the list in the comments field. You can also go about emailing as many of those people as you want, letting them know you're interested in setting up a link exchange, whether it be inside a blog post or on your blogroll. Grizz recommends the in post variety, while the sitewide blogroll link doesn't necessarily hit you at all in your attempts to increase page rank and search traffic.

2) Entrecard bloggers - A lot of people tend to bash Entrecard as a traffic source, and they may be justified in this, however the site does offer another advantage: finding blogs in your niche(s) to network with and exchange links with. I've made several great link exchanges here with all sorts of blogs. As you know the Make Money Online category there is heavily saturated, so you can likely find someone there willing to give you some link love. Simply go to the "Campaign" tab, then search on your desired category, message the person on Entrecard (or their site), and you've got another potential link exchange. I think it's good practice to drop your card on them also, just as a way to intro yourself and blog, but don't get caught up in the dropping! :)

3) Article submissions - This is the tried and true linkbuilding method, recommended by Courtney Tuttle, and I have to say it's worked quite well for me. I currently use a free program called Article Directory Submitter which requires some manual work on your part, but definitely makes things easier than going to each site on your own. Of course you'll need to register yourself on many of these sites before you can proceed. From there I develop articles around 500 words total, and insert 2 links into the main body as well as the author resource box. Some sites allow the links in the article, others prefer them only in your resource box area.

Now depending on the search term you're trying to rank for you may need to write 10 plus articles to see some success. Outsourcing may be your friend for that, more on that below. I usually find that 2-3 articles, combined with submitting your site or specific page links to Socialmarker.com's sites can usually help you rank pretty well for a medium competitive term (maybe 600,000 results or less). Terms in the low millions for search volume will require quite a bit more work on your part. Something I've yet to try but will soon be looking into is outsourcing the article writing. As much as I enjoy blogging and writing, it can become tedious and paying someone else a few bucks for a 500 word article isn't such a bad idea! Consider Craigslist.org as your source to set up ads to find writers. A tip I learned from an interview on Yaro Starak's Internet Business blog - Entrepreneurs Journey is to use the Phillipines as your source, because you can hire writers cheaper there. According to the gentleman in the interview, they see the lesser (several dollars for an article) money you pay them as quite good based on their own currency rates. Of course use that advice at your own discretion based on your own feelings towards paying someone less in another country. Give it a try if you want and experiment with how much money you offer for an article there. I've noticed people in the Entrecard marketplace who offer to write blog posts as well, so consider asking them to write you an article and pay up the EC's.

The above 3 methods are my latest means of linkbuilding for some new blog websites I've created. I'm focusing on one site in particular and doing a little bit of each of the above each day. The key to success for any blog project you're working on is consistent action day after day, so that one day it all pays off in the form of passive earnings from online income. Give the above a try yourself, stay focused and consistent and you'll be doing yourself a great moneymaking favor!

Here's to your success,
The Monetizer

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