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Finally, for all those who have bemoaned and complained that Entrecard is a big waste of time and traffic, the blogging advertisement system has some great news. The Entrecard powers that be made a major decision to help all its users make money with Entrecard while improving the value of EC's.

The following comes from an email I just received from Entrecard:

A real ad network
We will be opening as much as 50% of our ad impressions network-wide to third party advertisers. We will be accepting cash payments to run 125x125 advertisements through our widget network. Ads will be sold as run of network, or targeted by category, for a low CPM rate to be announced. Please plan your daily entrecard ad purchasing accordingly. Whereas before, when you purchased an ad, you were buying a minimum of 100% of the impressions, you are now buying a minimum of 50%. However, the maximum is still 100% of the impressions, because if we have no ads booked for that category, or for the network, for any given day, you will still get all of the impressions.

Exchange your credits for CASH
With the money we make selling as much as 50% of our network impressions, we will purchase your credits from you, and delete them from the system. This means we're going to let you sell credits for cash, right from your dashboard! This has been the single most requested feature since we launched Entrecard. Members have clamored for a way to sell Entrecard credits for cash, but the same problem always arose: where does the money come from to let people sell their credits? How do we use our greatest resource (millions of daily impressions across ~60 niches) to benefit everyone? After much deliberation, the answer became clear. We must open up our ad network, and funnel the proceeds of the entire operation back to you, the members!

Their email goes on to discuss them making your Entrecard credits more valuable then they used to be. Basically Entrecard credits have been created rapidly but not used as fast, leading to what they consider inflation. To combat this they want to buy out and eliminate all those spare credits. Of course there's a few catches, such as the fact all Entrecard bloggers must now display their widgets "above the fold", and also the fact that 3rd party advertisers will be able to utilize your ad space now.

Entrecard's email offers a nice concise recap of this major announcement....

You can boil this down to the following 4 bullet points:

1. In a week, we're launching an ad network where anyone can advertise through Entrecard widgets for CPM rates. This can be run of network advertising, or targeted by category. We are making available 50% of our inventory, or approximately 40 million monthly impressions.
2. With the money we make, we are going to buy credits back from you. You will be allowed to sell credits via your dashboard, and we will devote 75% of daily sales to buying credits back.
3. The economy will no longer be in a state of inflation, but rather in deflation which means your credits will gradually start becoming more valuable.
4. For all this to work, we must institute an above-the-fold rule, which goes into effect in a week.

So let your creative gears start turning...You can see now that if you're offering services through the Entrecard marketplace, you can earn actual cash for that work rather than advertising credits. Plus if you have credits just sitting in your account, now you can cash em in for money! So add Entrecard to the list of ways to make money online!

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