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The good folks from Conflicker Working group have a special sort of Conflicker eye chart which tests your PC for that nasty PC Conflicker worm virus. The chart features a table chart with 3 columns and 2 rows, containing a total of 6 remotely hosted images. These images are from various Antivirus software websites such as Trend Micro and Secure Works. According to the Conflicker working group, the C variant of the worm virus blocks access by PC's to over 100 different antivirus security websites, hence a image eye chart test can be used to determine if Conflicker's running amok on your PC.

The way it works is simple. Don't worry you don't have to stand 6 feet from the screen and cover each eye. Stay seated, this is for your PC. If you can see all 6 images in the Conflicker eye chart, then you're most likely safe, unless you're running a proxy server. The folks at the site say running on a proxy server won't adequately test your computer for Conflicker.

If you (your computer) don't see the top 3 images, but see the bottom 3 images, it could mean you're infected with the Conflicker C variant which was revealed as a potentially dangerous virus on 60 Minutes, which claimed the virus was awaiting instructions for further action on April 1st.

If you see the bottom 3 images as well as the top middle "SecureWorks" logo image, then your PC may have the Conficker A/B variant.

If you don't see any images the working group suggests you may have image loading turned off. The Monetizer also suggests if you see fuzzy, blurry, distorted or no images you consider getting your monitor checked or go in for a human eye test.

http://www.confickerworkinggroup.org/infection_test/cfeyechart.html" rel="nofollow">Test your PC's health with the Conflicker Eye chart here.a>

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