Google Adsense Privacy Policy & Using Hot Trends

Today was spent feverishly updating or in some cases creating privacy policies for my various blogs and websites running Google Adsense. Just like my 2008 state tax returns, I've been procrastinating on getting this done. The major problem I had to work with was that I created a few fansites for different topics and each of those use Adsense on multiple HTML pages I uploaded. Luckily I had the aid of CoffeeCup HTML Editor (a nice freebie) to let me quickly modify the codes of each site (to add a link to my privacy policies). Per Google's new Interest based advertising it's imperative that you have a privacy policy for your blog or website(s) that run Adsense ads (and it's been advised you have the new Google part added into your prvacy policies by April 8, 2009, today). For a great example of a privacy policy you can modify refer to Grizzly's Make Money Online site's Privacy Policy. Sorry if this news is hitting anyone late but as of my posting you still have a few hours until April 8th ends.

I also want to highly recommend to readers that you consider checking the Google Hot Trends site daily if you're not making this a habit already. In the past week I've been doing this more and crafting blog post for various niche blogs based upon applicable topics. I tend to choose topics I see with longtail keywords I can target that I can be competitive with. Some of the hot trends have had very low competiton and brought nice extra surges in traffic to my various blogs. The key of course is properly monetizing that traffic, which I'm still tweaking on some niches. Still, I believe Hot Trends should not be overlooked in blogging, it will definitely give you topics to blog about (unless your niche is really, really obscure like "Toe Fungus" or "Sardine recipes").

Now it's time for me to start thinking about doing my state income tax returns again, perhaps I'll start them tomorrow....

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